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Ignite iGaming is an expert gambling SEO agency. We help online casinos and sports betting sites increase player acquisition through SEO.

AND Get A Complimentary iGaming SEO Audit and SEO Strategy (Value £5,000)
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Most casino and sports books sites want to increase their organic traffic, and grow revenue. But you can't expect to switch on SEO and get to the top of page one overnight.

Beyond the challenge of growing online, gambling companies are getting squeezed harder, whether it's hyper-competition, restrictive regulation, or closed networks for morality and online gambling industry's general public reputation.

Fortunately, many online gambling sites have found that expert SEO strategies and paid advertising are the key to growth in global markets. In fact, as of 2023, "SEO accounts for 53% of all traffic to online websites."

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iGaming SEO Experts

Ignite iGaming is an expert gambling SEO company. We understand the complex world of iGaming, and appreciate the ever-evolving nature of search. We've developed an agency with the experience and agility needed to ensure online casinos and sports betting sites thrive in the online gambling industry.
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Gambling SEO Experience

Since 2011, our iGaming SEO experts have worked with the SEO Team leads from 7 of the top 10 affiliates in the world, as well as 6 of the Top 10 online operators.

As a result, we have a genuine, tried and tested, hands-on experience of what works when it comes to gambling SEO.

Global Gambling Network

We've eight years of iGaming agency projects, and from this, we've built a vast global network of casino links, sportsbook links, PR contacts, sites, and player understanding. Our customers can leverage these resources. The upshot is that their SEO is executed to the highest industry standard and gets results quickly.

Tier One Casino and iGaming Knowledge

Our leadership team is comprised of ex-international marketing and performance marketing directors from Bet365 and Ladbrokes. Ignite iGaming is a gambling SEO company with firsthand experience of the commercial pressures within leading casino SEO and sports betting SEO teams. Therefore, we can align our projects based on acquisition and revenue objectives.

AND Get A Complimentary iGaming SEO Audit and SEO Strategy (Value £5,000)
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iGaming & Casino SEO Services

Full Service SEO

We provide end-to-end online casino SEO services, including everything needed to get your online casino site or live casino ranking at the top of Google.

Ignite is an expert iGaming SEO agency that drives 11 years of experience and knowledge into every aspect of your SEO. Our SEO experts are able to level up every area of your SEO campaign. From SEO strategy to keyword research, from competitor analysis to local SEO. From on page SEO to keyword strategy, competitor analysis, technical SEO, user experience, and off-page SEO.
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iGaming SEO Audits

Is your gambling search engine optimization failing? Not ranking for relevant keywords? Has your website traffic just dropped off a cliff? Whether you're a casino, live casino, sports betting, crypto betting, poker or bingo. Our casino SEO audit services have it covered. We'll locate the problems and provide recommendations to you.

Gambling & Casino Link Building

Helping gambling outreach digital marketing teams improve their link-building campaigns, we design bespoke paid and organic link-building campaigns which are proven to acquire casino SEO and gambling links. Building trust within Google and driving traffic to the site

iGaming Consultants

Our casino SEO consultants and gambling experts take pride in consulting the SEO teams and many of the world's leading gambling brands. Brainstorming, sharing ideas, best practices and experiences to help take your campaigns and online marketing efforts and visibility for casino games to the next level and get you to the top of page one on search engines.
AND Get A Complimentary iGaming SEO Audit and SEO Strategy (Usually £5,000)
Ends Soon, Act Now!
Gambling SEO Consultant


Since Ignite started they've exceeded on our expectations, for example our website visits have increased by 700%, from SEO alone. FTDs increased by 60%. Average monthly deposits increased by 80%.

Benefits of SEO for iGaming sites

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Clients Results

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Sportsbook and Casino Links Built


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Gambling SEO Audits


iGaming Operators and Affiliates We Support


More than a decade in the Gambling Industry

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Our Process









A consultancy-led approach is the best way to help our clients succeed. 
Off-the-shelf SEO strategies need to be improved, especially in competitive iGaming markets. By consulting, we get to understand your explicit needs and desired goals. Understanding needs enables us to develop tailored strategies and a casino SEO service process that is explicit to those needs.


Having run casino sites ourselves, we get it. We draw on iGaming sector experience, best practice digital marketing tactics, as well as always adhering to our company values of transparency, communication, over-deliver and excellence.

Our experts

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
iGaming SEO Co-Founder

Greg Tickner

  • Former Head of Performance marketing at Bet365, responsible for all SEO, PPC and Affiliate Traffic across the UK market
  • Former Head of Performance Marketing at Ladbrokes, responsible for SEO, PPC and Affiliate Traffic in International Markets (Outside UK & Ireland)
  • A Casino SEO expert who's worked with major iGaming operator and affiliate brands in an agency role for 7 years
Casino SEO Agency Co-Founder

Joshua Yates

  • Experience helping the Heads of SEO at large affiliates grow online visibility in international markets through SEO
  • BA Hons in Business Studies with specialties in international marketing, e-commerce and business strategy
  • Enjoyed 10 years in various consulting roles helping global brands like IBM, Microsoft, Wipro, Magento and BigCommerce increase brand awareness and visibility in global markets

Still Not Sure if You Need Professional SEO Services?

It’s no secret that the iGaming industry is competitive, however - if done right - it’s a huge opportunity gambling businesses to increase brand visibility and player acquisition for all gambling sites, new or old. In fact, data from Google Trends shows that global ‘sports betting’ related searches are up by a staggering 300% (global data, from March 2019 to August 2023, source Google Trends).

The global online gambling market is expected to reach $72.5 billion by 2028 (Source: Grand View Research).

SEO is a primary acquisition for most modern online operators and affiliates wanting to capitalise on this growth and grow player acquisition.

There are a few key reasons why gambling and sportsbook SEO can be more difficult than other markets. For starters, gambling is becoming more and more regulated as an industry. This means that gambling websites must keep up with regulation changes and comply with a variety of new laws and regulations, which can impact their visibility in search engine results pages.

Furthermore, casino brands are often targeted by black hat casino SEO techniques. This can make it difficult for legitimate casino website to rank well in SERPs, and has often left new SEO investors frustrated with little ROI. If you want to avoid this, it’s important you can recognise good SEO vs bad SEO.

Lastly, as we mentioned the online igaming industry is a competitive industry. There are a large number of website owners competing for the same keywords. Therefore you need to be smart with your keyword research and targeting.

If you don’t have the casino SEO resources in-house, then it could be a good idea to consider working with a iGaming SEO company or gambling link building agency. These agencies should have a casino SEO consultant experience and expertise to help you develop and implement a successful SEO strategy. However, be sure to speak to at least three different agencies to ensure you can compare and make the best choice.

AND Get A Complimentary iGaming SEO Audit and SEO Strategy (Usually £5,000)
Ends Soon, Act Now!

Gambling & Casino SEO Agency FAQs

How much does Gambling SEO cost?

Most online sources say, "It depends". While this is somewhat true, it doesn't help you much.
So here are some accurate guidelines to help you manage expectations. An expert SEO agency will likely charge you between £5,000- £30,000 per month for end–to–end SEO packages that cover strategy work, billable hours worked, link-building costs, content costs, audit costs, technical SEO and other resources needed.

But £5,000- £30,000k is a considerable difference?

You're right, and this is because the exact cost will vary depending on several variables. For example, the size and complexity of your website, the competitiveness of your target keywords, the quality and volume of PR and link-building activities executed, and how aggressive the strategy is.

There are cheaper ways to do it; some generic SEO agencies charge as low as £1,000 monthly. But remember, you get what you pay for.

How long does it take to see results from Gambling SEO services?

We're not going to lie. It takes time to see results.

A recent study by Tim Soulo, CMO of Ahrefs, found that 22% of pages ranking in the Top 10 had been created within one year. (Source:

What does this statistic tell us? There are two key takeaways;

a.) No matter what you read about it being too complicated for an online casino to get to page one of Google, new online gambling sites make up a fifth of page one in their first year. It's challenging but not impossible.

b.) If you don't plan on sticking with casino SEO as a long-term strategy, then SEO isn't for you, and you should look at shorter-term digital marketing strategies such as Google ads.

For 11 years, we've worked for small, medium and large iGaming sites. In our experience, brand-new online casinos should expect to see keywords ranking within 90 days. Getting to the top of page one will take longer and will depend on the difficulty of the keywords you target. If you target the relevant keywords, consistently produce unique, high-quality content, and regularly build high-quality backlinks. Your website ranks higher in SERPs within 6-18 months.

Should I hire a Casino SEO agency?

Hiring a specialist casino SEO agency can be a great idea if you're serious about improving your gambling website's rankings and visibility in Google. There are many betting marketing agencies out there. However, a specialised gambling SEO agency should have the experience and expertise to develop and implement tailored campaigns that get results.

What is A Gambling 'Link Building Agency'?

This is acquiring backlinks to your online casino or sportsbook from other high-quality websites. Think of backlinks as votes.

For many years, it was widely accepted that backlinks were the number one ranking factor; in 2023 and beyond, this is no longer the case. And that's from a Googler himself.

A 2020 Search Engine Journal article by Roger Montii quotes John Mueller from Google: "Backlinks as a signal has a lot less significant impact compared to when Google Search first started many years ago".

Long story short, backlinks were the key feature separating Google from the competition back in the day. However, over the years, this was manipulated by SEO's buying and selling spammy links to work the system; as a result, Google has decreased the significance of backlinks as a ranking element.

Our tip is whether you build links through a casino, sports betting or iGaming SEO agency, you'll need to know they have expertise in online gambling industry link building. You need to ensure they do a deep analysis of all paid links. It would be best to complement paid links with comprehensive data-driven PR pieces that earn organic links.

What are the challenges of SEO, and is a Casino SEO Agency worth it?

The biggest challenges in the iGaming industry are changing Google algorithms, fresh online gambling regulations, high competition in the gambling sector, and black-hat SEO tactics muddying the water between good and bad SEO.

Investing in an experienced casino SEO agency is essential if you're serious about getting improved search engine rankings.

These agencies have their fingers on the pulse, are in the know on Google's latest updates, and will help you to develop competitive iGaming SEO strategies and use white hat strategies that get you the results that you are looking for.

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